Sunday, January 10, 2010

What's Old is New..

(Silk tunic - Forevs)

I've been trying to purge my wardrobe ever since returning home...I currently have about 3.5 garbage bags filled with things I can live without. I love it!

However, sometimes I come across things I haven't worn in so long that they somehow become new again - like this Forever 21 silk tunic, for instance. I wore this years ago for Halloween (Miss Piggy!) the proper way, deep v in the front. Looking at it today, I thought - why not turn it around?

Experiments such as this really make me double think buying new items on a weekly basis - who knows what other treasures I have buried in the depths other piles of clothes?

My Saturday night consisted of avoiding going outside at all costs, making Dirt in a Cup, cupcakes, and watching nonsense YouTube videos.


Oh, JT <3


  1. BAHAHA. single ladies.
    you need to watch the joe jonas version. think tight lycra pants, wobbling heels and awkward silence... for SEVERAL MINUTES.

    and i LOVE your tunic! the bow is simply lovely!