Saturday, April 11, 2009


Last night I finally entered the threshold of the Holy Grail that is..Topshop!
For once, there wasn't a line (although we did go less than an hour before they closed) and the foot traffic wasn't claustrophobic or overwhelming. What I was not expecting is how overwhelming the selection would be - my brain simply could not handle it all!

We did a full loop of the store and several covetable items were mentally noted for a further, financially stable future purchase. One particular trend that stuck out most notably, though was the peplum skirt. The array is not yet represented in the web site's selection but the store was simply bursting with peplum-itis (in all prints and colors!)!!

The popping up of the peplum was something I also noticed earlier in the day, as I was rooting through Etsy for some fun sellers/stores to favorite and return to and that is when I came across I'm Your Present. Chock-full of bows, kittens and cottons in the cutesy wootsy ice cream color pallette I so enjoy - this shop has been hit hard with peplum-itis and..I kinda love it. Peplums are poppin' on dresses and skirts in this shop and while my frugal heart will most likely scour thrift shops for my own version, I couldn't help but 'aww' over the version below, which comes in a variety of fabrics to choose from!

Custom Made Ruffle Skirt


  1. wow, great skirt. i just love it!

  2. This Skirt is Amazinggg!!
    great port:)

  3. Seriously, her stuff is so cute!