Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shine on

It's official, the apartment has taken over my life! I am 100% in enamored with the way it is turning out, though :) In more good news - my scanner is working! This has been something that has been plaguing me ever since I started this blog. Maybe even before that...
I will also be posting more outfit posts now that I have a tripod and a wonderful location. So many new things! All at once!

This photo of Ms Lanphear is breathtaking
Image source Garance Dore

Jeremy Scott for Adidas party tomorrow night!!
I will be there...with sequins on.
Image source



  1. I want those gold shoes!
    Your apartment looks muy bien. ;)

  2. My boyfriend bought them! Haha They're so amazing, if in a slightly ridiculous fashion :0) I have to post pics.
    And thank you so much! We loove this apt so much :0)