Sunday, February 8, 2009

Guilt-ridden glee..

Yesterday I went to Salvation Army to check out furniture, etc. The 'etc' meaning clothes and shoes. The 'furniture' also meaning..clothes and shoes.

Anyway, I found a zillion things, forced myself to eliminate another zillion (Goodbye, sweatshirt with a picture of puppies in a basket..may buyer's remorse haunt me for all eternity!) and ended up with a handful of choice items (pictured below).

However, the real meat n' potatoes of this story is in the checkout process. You see, the kindly old gentleman behind the counter rang up my total as $28..but only charged me $8 on my card!

I feel awful, I really do.
And I swear I didn't know until I got all the way back home.
(Girl Scout's honor)
(OK, Brownies honor. I never made it to Girl Scout's)
And anyway I'll be forever haunted with dreams of puppies in baskets, floating on yards of sweatshirt fabric so it's even....right?

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