Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gimme gimme more

Yumm, eBay. What a wondeful place! Thrifting and consigning are my solution to avoiding lifelong debt due to all the ridiculous trends I tend to succumb to. Why pay $500 when I can pay $5 for something that was recycled from the 90s anyway? eBay is like one giant tag sale, like the ones people have when the whole block participates except it's the whole world. Amazing.

However, as patient as I am when perusing racks in a store, I am not so much when it comes to online perusing. Soo it's nice to have a few one-stop places to check out when I don't feel like sifting through all the crap for that perfect gold lame jacket. Yanno?

My two faves of the moment are Libra Vintage and Facade Vintage. Both have great quality photos (and styling!) and the best of the current trends. 

Facade doesn't have anything for sale right now, but here are a few from Libra that I'm keeping an eye on...

Holy. Crap.

Even better, all listings start at $9.99!

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