Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Confession time

I'll admit it, I've always loved Justin Timberlake, even (maybe even especially?) when he looked like this:

My fragile tween heart was his for the taking and in my eyes, he could do no wrong (flame pants and mesh shirts included).

However, upon hearing about William Rast a few years ago, I cringed more than a little. (He had corn rows! He wore a full-on Canadian tux to the American Music Awards!) I saw a few pieces of one of their very first collections and then just stopped paying attention..until today.

During my desperate attempt to catch up with all the shows I've already missed, I found myself clicking on the William Rast Fall '09 collection, bracing myself for the unknown. And lo and behold, I was pleasantly surprised! The collection wasn't anything super original, but it most definitely touched upon what is now: biker jackets, studs, fringe, plaid, and lots of denim (their staple).

I even kindasortaokreally find myself liking the first jacket. And the tuxedo blazer with grommets. And the acid wash.


Image source: World of Justin,


  1. hey I like your blog and I mentioned yours in my last entry.

  2. Oh wow, thank you so much!! :0)
    I like yours, too!!