Sunday, December 6, 2009

Clouds in my coffee

(Velvet tunic, long peach blazer - H&M, cloud tights - Poco a Poco, ring - Etsy)

I adore the love for tights here - they're out, they're proud, and they're LOUD. My most prized ones are these cloud tights, a pair with Troll dolls all over them, and a similar pair instead they are covered in cats! Ugh-mazing.

I only have two weeks left here in is truly bittersweet. I miss home so much but I know I am going to miss it here dearly. Nothing compares to the personal style I have seen since being here...everyday is an inspiration. I'm also going to miss the amazing hospitality, the sweets, and not being able to understand anyone. It might sound terrible, but everyone just seems so much nicer when you have no idea what they are saying. I will definitely be back to visit, my little home away from home...


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  2. they are beautiful! who needs a sunny day when you have cloud tights! <3

  3. Love your blog, very jealous of those tights. Would love to swap links if thats ok? Beautiful photos too. Keep up with the wicked blogging!

    Natalie from

  4. i like your blog, you have an amazing style!